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Website Design in Witney, Oxfordshire
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Guarantee We offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. These services may be purchased on an individual basis or as part of a package.

Although our specialty is designing and building bespoke websites, we offer much more.

Do you need a basic 3 or 4 page starter site? We can build it for you.

Do you need a full-blown database-driven eCommerce site? We can do that for you as well.

Perhaps you have a website that needs a little attention or modernising. No problem, we can handle it.

A frequent request these days is to make existing sites 'mobile friendly' so that they display properly on hand-held devices.

Websites that Work

Website Design Website design plays an important role in the success of any business today. One of our custom designs will get your website off to a flying start.

Let us show you how easy it can be to get your business online. We will build you a website that appeals to your target audience and attracts new customers.

Our vast experience will make the whole process painless and stress-free.

Website redesign

Website Redesign Are you happy with your website? Many companies are reinventing their websites, and with good reason. Technology is constantly changing, design trends change and the way in which visitors uses websites is changing.

Redesigning a website isn't only about changing its look and feel. The rapid growth of web technology has introduced new problems and had a huge impact on the way websites are built today.

Here are a few questions that may help you to decide if your website is due for a redesign:

  • Is your website responsive to handheld devices?
  • Are you finding it difficult or expensive to keep your content up-to-date?
  • Are the pages in your website slow to load?
  • Are your visitors viewing only the home page?
  • Have the number of visitors to your website been declining?
  • Do the search engines know that your website exists?
  • Is the copyright year in your footer older than 2015?

Did you know that more than 80% of website browsing is now done from mobile devices? This means that your website should adapt itself to the screen width of the device. Your new website will be designed with this is mind so that you will retain all those visitors checking out your site on tablets and mobile phones.

Website maintenance

Website Maintenance You may need a few pictures replacing or perhaps some of the information is out of date. Maybe you need to adjust some prices on your online shop. We can help.

We offer a fast, reliable updating service for your site. Just tell us what you need and we will take care of it - usually the same day.

If you prefer to take care of your own site maintenance, we can install a robust, easy to use content management system on your site.

Content Management

Take Control of Your Content

Content Management Systems

Our custom-designed Perch CMS websites for small business are stylish and easy to use. You won't need any prior CMS knowledge or experience to make changes to your website as often as you like.

Most of the large CMS systems out there require considerable training, which can be very expensive. With the Perch CMS system, all you need are basic word-processing skills to be up and running in minutes. In no time at all, you will be editing your site's content, easily and quickly.

If you already have a website, converting it to use our CMS is both easy and cost-effective. We don't force you to rebuild your website inside our CMS. You can keep your old website and just add content management to the areas that you want to edit.

Oh, and all of our designs will display perfectly on mobile phones and handheld devices.

Website hosting

Website uptime guarantee

Web hosting is a service that provides storage space for your website on a server (computer) which is connected to the Internet. This allows your site's content to be accessed from anywhere in the world by anyone with an Internet connection.

For a monthly fee, you rent space on the server. Our web hosting is extremely reliable, in fact, we offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

All of our web hosting is done on a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

The first 12 month's web hosting is included in the price when you order a new website from us.

Domain name registration

Domain Name Registration A domain name is simply an Internet address. In the same way that you need a location before you can open your business, you need an Internet address before you can open a website.

For example, our address is http://www.datrim.co.uk. When typing it in your browser, you will only need to enter www.datrim.co.uk, your browser will add the http:// automatically.

The choice of domain name is important for a business and should be given some thought. Usually, you will choose name that contains your business name, such as www.yourbusinessname.com. Although, if your business name is a commonly used name or phrase, you will probably find that is is already taken. Try to keep it as short as possible so that people will remember it.

Domain names are controlled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). There is an annual fee to keep a domain name which varies according to the type of name, but the cost is quite low - approximately £10 per year.

We will help you to choose a suitable name and take care of registering it for you. This cost is included whenever we build a website.

Search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation You have a beautiful website packed with useful and interesting information, but nobody can find it! If the search engines such as Google don't know that your website exists, it will be a very lonely place.

To overcome this problem, we first let the search engines know about your site. Next, we include carefully selected keywords in each web page. These keywords will be used by search engines to determine how your site is placed the search results.

The cost of basic SEO is included in every website we build. We also offer more advanced SEO at competitive prices for existing sites.

For a free, no-obligation consultation, contact us today.

...I have no hesitation in recommending Datrim to you.