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Website Design in Witney, Oxfordshire
Tel: 01865 522409
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How long will it take to build my website?
Most websites are completed within 1 month. This time will vary depending upon factors such as the number of pages required; how quickly you supply us with necessary images and content; and how long it takes to get the design finalised.

How many email addresses can I have?
We will usually setup email addresses for you and each member of your staff. Additional email addresses may incur an additional cost but this will depend upon the size of the project.

Will we need to meet before work can start on my new website?
It is usually not necessary to meet face to face, but this can be arranged if you are located reasonably close to us. Most of the time the initial meeting can be done by phone and is often more productive as there are no distractions.

Do I have to use your web hosting?
The first 12 month's web hosting is included with all new websites. After that you are free to move your site to the hosting company of your choice. If you are comfortable doing this yourself there is no charge. Alternatively, we will move the site and set it up on your new server for a small charge. It is your responsibility to make sure that your new web hosting has the required software support. We will advise you of the hosting requirements on request.

Are there any hidden costs for a new website?
We explain all of the costs involved at the outset and there will be no unpleasant surprises later. We supply you with a written quote. If you accept this quote, we will then send an agreement itemising the work to be done and the associated costs. This agreement will need to be signed by both yourself and us before work can commence.

Will my website display correctly on mobile phones?
Yes. We build all new sites using a 'responsive design'. Quite simply this means that the site will display correctly for all devices based on the screen width. For instance, a 3-column site will display normally on a desktop computer, but on a mobile phone, the columns will appear one under the other.

Who owns my website?
Once you have paid the total cost the website is owned 100% by you. We will supply you with the website source files so that you will be able to use another web designer if you wish.

Will you do all of the copywriting?
Yes, we can supply copywriting if required. A member of our copywriting team will speak with you to determine your requirements and we will then give you a quote for the work. All copy written by us will be optimised to be SEO friendly by using carefully selected keywords.

Do you require a deposit before beginning the work?
Yes, we usually collect payment in 3 installments: 1/3 before we start work, 1/3 when the design is agreed upon and the remaining 1/3 when the site is ready to be published.

What types of payment do you take?
We accept cheques, bank transfer and PayPal.